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Band T Shirt Rules

by admin_lg

It seems a bit tiring to wear the band`s t-shirt to their own show, especially the obscure t-shirts from the tbh tour. This implies that they have specifically chosen to do so and want to be congratulated for it, rather than throwing at what is clean. It`s funny how the idea of « cool » works in this regard, others may like it. A step aside from this is a band associated with them, a side project, a major influence, or even a topic addressed in music. Honestly, I don`t care, I don`t despise someone who does, but I also won`t say « Wow, great t-shirt!! » or « Wow, they must be such a big fan!! ». My experience with people who know music best or who are the biggest fans doesn`t really tend to go OTT on stage clothes as I`m going to provide you with 10 unassailable, unbreakable, unbreakable, hard and true rules for watching live music. Let us call them commandments. Unfortunately, despite the possibility of leaving comments under the article, these 10 commandments are not up for debate. Watch: I`ve been actively involved in shows for the last 17 years of my life, watching an average of 120 shows a year over the past decade. It`s a show every three days for 10 consecutive years.

I`ve probably seen all your favorite bands live more than once, including those that are disbanded (and especially those that come together for a winning round – I saw them the first time). My first Warped Tour probably took place before most of you were born. I understand that you may think I am an asshole when I say all this, but I submit that I am only presenting my references. Who better to create the 10 commandments of the show than the person who goes to more shows than anyone else you know? Exception: You`re on tour and find that your choice for a shirt is either shirts that haven`t seen a washing machine in weeks and smell like fast food and armpits, or a fresh, clean shirt ready to use with group t-shirts. According to a recent survey by Rush Order Tees, a t-shirt company in the United States, the average music fan owns 11 music-related t-shirts. Metal fans are the kings of shirts with at least 17 in the drawer or dresser. Punk fans spend the most on shirts with an average layout of $600. (Note to Roz and Julia: About 21% of study participants say that wearing a shirt to show is wrong.) Right now, we are actively thinking about a shirt design designed by my group mate, where the graphics are a clitoris with a witch`s hat and a smiley face. At least initially, a group`s brand is as much about the community around it as it is about itself. If a group tries to project what it wants to be onto a lot of local music lovers, it is likely to cut unpleasantly and the crowd is less likely to be receptive to it. These rules become even stricter when you`re part of a group, especially if you`re tasked with designing a t-shirt.

I designed a t-shirt for almost every project I`ve been involved in. This decision is up to me because I have experience in graphic design, and quite honestly, I like to believe that everyone is jealous of my sick sense of style. While this is a relatively easy way for a group to make a little more money, group t-shirts are subject to a complicated set of rules – both how you wear them and how you sell them. First of all, it is tasteless to wear a band`s t-shirt while attending one of their performances. It can make you seem too impatient and obsessive – and absolutely no one expects you to be a fan of the band you paid to play for. AC/DC was the band with the most popular T-shirts, followed by Aerosmith, Queen, Pink Floyd and Green Day. Young artists fared less well: Ariana Grande finished 10th and Taylor Swift 18th. Of the respondents, 50.1% said they bought a group t-shirt after the artist`s death. No one cares. Wearing a shirt from the playing band isn`t cool, and for small groups or opening groups, I bet it`s really nice to see people carrying their merchandise in the crowd.

When you`re in a group, you`re not wearing your own group`s shirt. One of the band members is a former band member you see and broke up amicably We`ve all wanted to ask this 14-year-old Ramones Hot Topic tee to name at least one of the band`s songs. If you`ve stuck a band`s logo on your chest, you should probably know a thing or two about them, right? Unfortunately, some don`t even know that the image on their chest is a group. Children nowadays! I tend to take group T-shirts randomly. If I like the design, if they are cheap, if I enjoyed the band and want to support them. Some can be bands I`ve seen once and for which I`m quite ambivalent, or bands I`ve loved for years. Clothes for all uses, it really makes most of my wardrobe. This can sometimes start conversations, I have a few for groups and rooms in my hometown and people discover them when I`m away. In this context, you should never wear a shirt that you bought immediately after buying at the merch table. You wear the shirt on your shoulder and hope you don`t lose it – otherwise you certainly don`t look cool. A great way to expand your wardrobe is to look for t-shirts lost on the floor where a mosh pit could have happened once. You`ll probably find at least one ill-fitting shirt stained with dirty shoes.

In fact, I`ve seen a few bands I`ve trusted lately, and it`s been a bit put off, but that`s mainly because I`ve never seen it before. I heard one of the singers talk about it on a podcast, and his reasoning was, « Shirts look sick, so why shouldn`t I wear them, » haha. So, basically, who cares haha. Iron Maiden was driving in Chicago a few weeks ago, all the members were wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, it was strange. Looks like we have a good old battle fashionable from the tea porters in the group. I conducted a very unscientific Twitter investigation on the subject. About 34% agreed that you should be able to name more than 10 songs before you can legitimately and without hypocrisy wear an artist`s official t-shirt. But more than 35 percent said it doesn`t matter if they know a single song. « I wear what I want, » was the feeling.

It`s a festival and this band is one of many group T-shirts that are subject to a complicated set of rules – both how you wear them and how you sell them. Roz was not thrilled. « What? I can`t show my support and years of love for the band? I kept this 30 year old t-shirt in perfect condition, especially for nights like this! Honestly, all the about what merchandise to wear to the shows and not to wear is so stupid. I don`t know anyone in real life who really cares about these « rules, » and even if I did, I wouldn`t listen to them because people would have to wear what they want to wear without worrying about being judged by others. « Not cool! » she exclaimed in horror. « Shirt faux pas to show! You should not wear a band`s t-shirt at a show with that band! It is a terrible form. Looks like you`re trying too hard. Beginner`s mistake! You have to go home and change your clothes. Maybe these rules don`t matter. Does it really matter to me if people think I like a band too much? That I`m just wearing a shirt so it doesn`t fall to the ground? Besides, am I so concerned about my image as a musician that I can`t even show the visual art I`ve created, even if it supports my own musical projects? Will breaking these rules diminish the respect other fans have for me as it negatively affects my career? Ultimately, it`s about being creative and supporting the art I love.