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Baton Legal in Ct

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A Clinton police officer then inspected DeCiccio`s jeep when he spotted two machetes in the back seat, an extendable police baton with a belt holder, a sword with a luggage rack, a knife with a percussion ring handle and a Dirk knife which is a long pressing dagger. weapon of any person who participates in a supervised event or contest of the Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts of America or any other authorized event or contest while participating in such event or contest or transporting such weapon to or from such event or contest; and (6) wear a BB. A weapon of a person on his own property or on the property of another person, provided that that other person has authorized the carrying of such a weapon on that property and the transport of that weapon to or from such property. Connecticut Act 53-206 – Carrying Dangerous Weapons – makes it illegal to carry a Connecticut-defined « dangerous weapon » on your person. Connecticut laws do not prohibit the mere possession of these weapons and do not deal with sales and purchases. I`ve done some research, and here are some common self-defense items that you legally own but can`t carry here in Connecticut. § 4 (NEW) (Valid from 1. October 2015) Each law enforcement unit within the meaning of article 7-294a of the General Statute records and retains all information in which a police officer within the meaning of article 7-294a of the General Statute (1) uses physical violence likely to cause serious bodily harm within the meaning of article 53a-3 of the General Statute, to another person or the death of another person, including, but not limited to, hitting another person with an open or closed hand, a bat or baton, kicking another person or using pepper spray or a stun gun on another person, or (2) discharging a firearm, except during a training exercise or during the shipment of an animal. « The existing legal system unduly weighs on the accused`s right to possess and store his dirk knife and police baton in his home by preventing him from carrying these weapons there, » Palmer wrote. « The accused therefore concluded that his conviction under [the law] for using his jeep to transport a dirk knife and a police baton to his new residence violated his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. » State laws have no reference our team could find in terms of restrictions on the use of pepper spray or stun guns, except that law enforcement agencies are required to record the use of pepper spray as part of their duties. However, it is illegal in Connecticut to use pepper spray for any reason other than to protect against damage. In other words, if you think your safety or life is in danger, it is justified to use it.

The most common self-defense product that is completely legal to wear in the state of Connecticut? NOTE: This information is not provided as legal advice. Always consult a lawyer and seek legal advice. (b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to: 1. Any official responsible for the maintenance of the public peace in the performance of his or her official duties; (2) any security guard who has a baton or bedside table in a vehicle in the performance of his official duties; (3) any person currently registered and attending a martial arts school, with official verification of such registration and participation, or any certified martial arts instructor who possesses such a martial arts weapon in a vehicle while on their way to or from such school or to or from an authorized event or contest; (4) any person who has a BB. If you are well prepared with good safety habits and even personal protection products such as pepper spray or stun guns, you can and will improve the chances of being a victim of violent crime. In the state of Connecticut, it is legal to purchase, own and use personal protective products. While there are many interesting things to do and see in Hartford, the city is experiencing an increase in crime like many major cities in the United States. Pepper spray is legal to buy, ship, possess and transport here in Connecticut. It is also important to note that there are other exceptions to the ban on carrying dangerous weapons in Connecticut: History: PA 86-280 included martial arts weapons in the definition of weapon and added an exception for people enrolled in and attending a martial arts school while traveling to and from such a school; Pp. 87-220 made technical changes and removed provisions, including « nunchaku and Chinese stars » in the sense of a martial arts weapon, since weapons are already included in the referenced definition of the section.