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Blunt Old English Definition

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I have to smoke a blunt with snoop at some point in my life Which of the following objects would NOT be described as blunt? around 1200, dull, dull, « dull, dull » (of people), of uncertain origin. Perhaps from or related to Old Norse blundra « close your eyes » (see error (v.)). Or from the Old English blinnan (old participle blon) « stop, stop, come to an end ». Tools or weapons, « not sharp, without edge or point », end 14c. The meaning « abrupt language or species » dates back to the 1580s. Late 18th century. Scottish writers have outright used (n.) for « stupid guy ». Currently, his blunt and clumsy head rose less than ten feet from them. What are the words that are often used to discuss frankly? Then she took a magazine and flipped through it, cutting the pages with a blunt edge of her knife. A day after his campaign was unveiled on a new website, Emanuel took to the streets and vowed to « hear from the people of Chicago — in direct and honest words » about what they expect from their next mayor.

Middle English blonten, verbal derivation of the blunt entry blont 1 They blunt other economic activities or have too little overall effect to measure them at all. Greifeld: Yes, the measures we have taken are what I call blunt instruments, so they will certainly work by shutting down the market when we are nervous about the direction it is taking. Used in one sentence: I saw him smoking a blunt on the porch. « It was like a curtain was opening, » says Noor, who was surprised by the brutal request. Having known and interacted with the current head of the Air Force, I am surprised by his brutal statement about women and the flying roles of fighters. « I want to hear from you — in direct terms of Chicago — what you think of our city and how you and the next mayor can improve it. » From the Middle English blunt, blont, from the Old English *blunt (attested in the derivation Blunta (male personal name) (> English surname Blunt, Blount)), probably of North Germanic origin, possibly related to the Old Norse blunda (« drowsiness ») (> Icelandic blunda, Swedish blunda, Danish blunde). What I mean is that if a child – at the moment, the law is what I call a blunt instrument. As a rule, they deal with car accidents and what we call blunt trauma. From an ethical point of view, any respectful treatment of them therefore requires recognition of this fact and not a brutal attempt at persuasion. Used in one sentence: « I really hate this guy, » Shirley said bluntly. Jess worked hard over his head and pushed the padding well into the blunt nose.

A blunt object is rounded – it is not very sharp. A direct comment is open – it is not very subtle. When we move things, we make them less vibrant, sharp or intense. You can bet that a trace of this blunt instrument will never be found, and of course, it left no evidence to come or go. Blunts and mistakes (« make a stupid mistake ») can have the same origins – Old Norse Blundra, which means « close your eyes ». So don`t be upfront (« dull » or « dull ») – here are a few things you probably don`t want to do: 1) Use a blunt knife to cut your tomatoes; 2) make a direct (« frank ») comment that could hurt someone`s feelings; or 3) blunt the sound of your favorite music by putting cotton balls in your ears. blunt (simple blunt present in the third person singular, blunting of the present participle, simple past and blunt past participle) of blunt « a short and thick cigar », derived subst from the blunt entry 1 Wikipedia says that a blunt is a cigar that is wide as a cigarillo and not quite as wide as a traditional cigar. Used in one sentence: She blunted the knife while trying to cut plaster with it. From the Middle English blunt, blonten, from the adjective (see above).

Practical examples: Hammers, baseball bats and pipes are blunt objects. In slang, a blunt is a rolled cigarette or cigar that contains marijuana. It was very direct and surprising to hear from someone responsible for an air disaster. Bluff, blunt, robust, concise, crispy, rough means abrupt and unceremonious in language and manner. Used in one sentence: he hit the nails with the blunt end of the hammer. In this sense, blunt means not sharpening something. No matter how admirable or inspiring his message sounds, he often hits you over the head like a blunt instrument. A 2018 International Monetary Fund survey cited by the Wall Street Journal found that government bankers are experimenting with technology to cut costs and mitigate the rise of private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 1610s, « a blunt sword »; 1833 as size or type of needle; Late 19th century as the size or type of cigars, by Blunt (adj.). As street slang for « marijuana and tobacco cigars » (easier to move, easier to dress, and the stimulant in tobacco amplifies the euphoria of pot), until about 1993, it is believed to have originated among Jamaicans in New York in the early 1980s; by Phillies Blunt brand cigars. Washington`s failure to reach an agreement on a new stimulus package, market observers agree, has blunted the economic recovery. The real reason Mr.

Ham accepted the commandments was, to be quite honest, because he needed money. Blunt`s first recordings date back to the late 1100s. He comes from Middle English. Any previous origin is unclear. blunt, blunt, blunt does not mean acute, acute or acute. « to make blunt, dull the edge or point of », end 14c., from blunt (adj.). Related Topics: Blunt; Mortification. dull implies such frankness that makes one insensitive in perception or imagination. The pale rapper, with baby`s face and red cheeks gasps angrily in front of a blunt hastily stuffed with lower grass. He holds the Blunt, what they call the Blunt, he holds it as if he had done it before. I say I`m not stupid, but then I spent a semester in college thinking my knife was too blunt, even though I was really using it upside down She shook her head – Gilbert wasn`t home and his axe was so blunt that a body could climb up to Rumford. If something is dull, it has a flat surface or is rounded.

Blunt objects lack dots and they hit, knock or crush instead of piercing, piercing or stabbing. In this sense, blunt is the opposite of sharp. For example, a sword is a sharp weapon that has a thin tip that can pierce, or has a thin edge that can cut. On the other hand, a baseball bat is a blunt object that is rounded with a flat surface. You can`t cut or cut anything with a baseball bat. Wife. Kelly, also a Republican, is known as a direct and direct prosecutor who has handled cases ranging from illegal gambling to terrorism.