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« For example, we can still sell pipes if they are `tobacco pipes`, but not if they are called `head pipes`. We can sell everything as individual parts. We can still sell all wooden and glass pipes. We can`t put gauze in the bowls, but we can still sell them separately. Roach clips are banned if they look like cannabis « leaf or fruit seeds, » but they`re legal if they don`t. In Canada, bongs are prohibited under section 462.2 of the Criminal Code. The law is considered constitutionally weak and could likely be defeated by the Supreme Court. But in many raids, police simply confiscate the entire stock of pipes and bongs in a store, but do not lay charges. Customs is aware that there are companies that offer these items for sale online in New Zealand, including some offshore websites that claim to represent Companies based in New Zealand. Illegal vaporizers can be seized if imported. [Comment caption = Should pipes commonly used to smoke cannabis be banned?] A loophole in the law that allows shops, including at least two in Dunedin, to sell drug paraphernalia normalizes drug use and undermines efforts to end drug abuse, police said.

Fowlie said he continues to sell bongs and pipes in his store, except he renames them to comply with the law. He removed the sign on his window that read, « These pipes are just for smoking marijuana, » and now he describes his goods as « vases. » Under the Drug Abuse Act, it is illegal to import or sell cannabis or methamphetamine paraphernalia, but retailers circumvent the law by sourcing from local glassblowers and selling them as ornaments or vases, for example. Cannabis and hemp have been illegal nationwide in the United States since the 1970s. Chris Fowley: Pipes and bongs protect smokers` healthNew Zealand pipe traders saw their livelihoods threatened on July 1 when a federal ban on pipes and water bongs went into effect. The use and possession of « cannabis paraphernalia » was already illegal and punishable by a $1,000 fine and 3 months in prison. The new law prohibits the importation and sale of cannabis accessories with similar penalties, including $5,000 fines for business owners. The National Association of Pipe Sellers opposes the new law, saying there are 300 retailers in New Zealand whose products would be banned, although they can also be used to smoke tobacco or other legal herbs. Cannabis users want to use bongs in order to reduce the harms of smoking and have better control over their health. NORML recommends the use of harm-mitigating uentilene (such as bongs, hookahs, and vaporizers), as most of the harm associated with cannabis use does not come from cannabis itself, but from smoking plant material. Yes, hell yes. It`s a good way to get bongs fast, they`re in New Zealand and ship overnight, they carefully wrap their products in bubble wrap and they don`t send things individually, they send everything together.

He said he was open about his stores selling bongs under that description because of the legal loophole that meant retailers were getting away with it. The Department of Health`s discussion paper proposes to amend existing laws and regulations to reduce the impact of crime and control the availability of drug paraphernalia, including bongs, pipes and cannabis vaporizers, through one of two options: the discussion paper states that current regulations and legal penalties for pipes and bongs do not address any political criteria. namely, harm prevention (especially for young people); harm reduction; proportionality; cost-effectiveness; and ease of implementation. Inspector Campbell said it was « frustrating » for police because they knew most people who bought a pipe or bong bought it for illegal reasons. « Actions like this show that they are more interested in punishing marijuana smokers than protecting their health, » Fowlie said. « Pipes and bongs protect the health of smokers. » I must mention that is owned and operated by Shisha World, they have the same layout and the domain was bought by them, which means that they are the ones who own it. In New Zealand, bongs are currently illegal as they are used to smoke cannabis (as it is not legal) and so it is pretty clear that these guys have created a second website for bongs so that they do not get into direct trouble. The owner and chief executive of the Cosmic Corner chain, Mark Carswell of Christchurch, said its stores, including the one in Dunedin, sold pipes that could be used for tobacco or « plant-based tobacco » and bongs, which he admitted were sold as vases. These laws banning bongs allow police and politicians to use the threat of financial terrorism to intimidate and control business owners who become too outspoken or politically active. Chris Fowley: Pipes and bongs protect the health of smokers I was browsing the site when I decided to buy a bong, shredder and lighter, added them all to my cart, entered my details and bought everything for a total of $150 NZD. I accidentally signed up with the wrong email, but I didn`t realize it until after ordering, so I changed my email address but didn`t receive an invoice, chances are you`ll get one if you order with the right email. Anyway, I was a bit sketched out, there is no contact or address information, but on the other hand, it is a website in New Zealand that sells illegal items.