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Prolific Legal Definition

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Fertile, fertile, fertile, fertile means producing or producing offspring or fruit. Search the Legal Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary for acronyms and/or abbreviations that contain Prolific. He is known as a prolific fundraiser and has devoted considerable energy to filling his campaign coffers. C_b struck me for that: productivity. But it`s certainly a full bite. Prolificacy is also listed by OED (although marked as obsolete) and prolificacy is marked as rare, but prolificacy is also listed. Well, the word productive doesn`t sound quite right, but it is productive. What is the noun that designates the quality of the « productive »? He studied mathematics and physics with Santucci and became a prolific writer on mathematical and historical subjects. Prolific emphasizes the speed of propagation or reproduction by or as by natural reproduction. OED says Prolificacy. I have a fuzzy memory of seeing « productivity » in printing, but maybe it was a dream. I appreciate that there is a proliferation of « productive » names. 🙂 The word « productive » could have been coined to describe Robert Pollard, who I suspect is tired of people talking to him about his POTENTIAL if only he would focus and channel his energy.

In 1993, CBS`s « 48 Hours » devoted a one-hour program, « See You in Court; Civil War, Anthony Martin clogs the legal system with frivolous lawsuits, » which he called his prolific filings. Neil Young – another transplanted Canadian – Dylan`s rival in prolific songwriting, but more about him in Year of the Horse, is yet to come. Prolific French, Middle French, Latin proles + Middle French -figue -fic The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne; Figuratively, it suggests a willingness to invent and develop. Fertility emphasizes the fullness or speed of bearing fruit or offspring. Fertile involves the power to multiply in form or to assist in reproduction and growth. Fertile adds fruitful and bears fruit the implication of desirable or useful results. Search or search Prolific in the American Encyclopedia of Law, Asian Encyclopedia of Law, European Encyclopedia of Law, UK Encyclopedia of Law, or Latin American and Spanish Encyclopedia of Law. You might be interested in the historical significance of this term. Search or search Prolific in Historical Law in the Encyclopedia of Law.