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Salmon Legal Size Qld

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Available for download PDF format 1.5 m max or interdorsal length 60 cm max (round body shaped radii must only comply with the maximum size limit of 1.5 m) ** No more than 10 shrimp with the head or other part removed, unless the removal was to process the shrimp for immediate consumption. From October 2022, new rules will apply to Spanish mackerel fishing on the east coast of Spain. In addition to the individual catch and ownership limits for each species mentioned above, all coral reef fish species have a combined absorption and ownership limit of 20. For more information, see Recreational fishing rules and regulations for Queensland: A short guide (PDF, 532 kB). All tropical snapper and sea bass (including bass bassinet (snapper) (exceptions to follow) Note: Becomes a species prohibited from fishing when the annual allowable commercial catch is reached – the fishery is currently closed. Purple snapper (Smallmouth Nannygai) and Saddle-tailed Snapper (Largemouth Nannygai), Pink Snapper (Jobfish) and Lavendar Snapper (Workfish) Note: Whales, porpoises, dugongs, turtles and dolphins are all protected by the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Coral reef finfish closures apply. In addition to individual property boundaries for each listed coral reef fin species, there is a combined property boundary of a total of 20 of all coral reef finfish. 40 cm min (whole or with head or tail removed) or 26 cm min (net length) The annual catch limit for the east coast has been reached. The black Jewish fish is a species prohibited from fishing on the East Coast for all anglers for the remainder of the 2022 calendar year. Cribb Island worms – formerly known as mule bloodworms (excluding diamond, sea and freshwater scales) Includes, but is not limited to, mackerel and scad/yakka.