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Who Is the Chief Legal Advisor of the Government of Nepal

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(b) to monitor or have reviewed whether an interpretation of a law or principle of law established by the Supreme Court in the course of the examination of judicial proceedings has been implemented; 2. The Attorney General or prosecutors under his authority shall represent the Government of Nepal in disputes involving the rights interests or concerns of the Government of Nepal. Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, the Attorney General shall have the right to make a final decision on whether to commence a case before a court, judicial authority or authority on behalf of the Government of Nepal. Dipendra Jha (Nepali: दिपेन्द्र झा) is the first acting Attorney General[1] of Province 2, one of the seven provinces of Nepal. He took office in February 2018. He is the legal advisor to Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut and the organizer of the Facilitation Committee for the drafting of the bill in Province 2. Article 160, paragraph 5, of the Constitution states: « The Attorney-General shall be the supreme legal adviser to the State Government. It is the responsibility of the Attorney General, the Land Government and other authorities designated by the Land Government to give advice and advice on constitutional and legal matters. 1. The Attorney General shall be the principal legal adviser to the Government of Nepal.

It is the responsibility of the Attorney General, the Government of Nepal and other authorities designated by the Government of Nepal to provide advice and guidance on constitutional and legal matters. Constitutionally, the country`s attorney general is the government`s official legal adviser as well as the prime minister. However, Prime Minister Sharma Oli has appointed lawyer Baburam Dahal as his legal adviser. After the cabinet meeting recently approved Dahal`s appointment, legal experts questioned the reasons for the appointment. Sources say Attorney General Agni Kharel is also baffled by the decision. It was reported that Kharel had expressed concern about President Bidya Devi Bhandari and Prime Minister Oli at his recent meetings. He is a prominent human rights defender who expresses the human rights concerns of marginalized communities. He is the founder of the Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (commonly known as the THDR Alliance), an independent and active human rights NGO. (c) If a complaint is filed alleging that a person detained under this Constitution has not been treated humanely, or if that person has not been allowed to meet with his relative or through his lawyer, or if information is received in this regard, to investigate and give the authority concerned the necessary instructions; to prevent such an act. As Chief Prosecutor, he contributed to and directed several laws and policies for the Province 2 government, including the Dalit Empowerment Act, the State Police Act 2, the State Civil Service Act 2, the Jan Lompal Act, the Special Law on the Protection of Girls. [4] (4) The Attorney General may, at the invitation of the Federal Parliament or a committee of a committee of the Attorney General, appear at such a session and express his or her opinion on any point of law. After people close to the prime minister also criticized the decision, Thursday`s cabinet meeting « tacitly corrected » the decision, sources said.

From now on, Dahal will work as a « legal expert in the Prime Minister`s Secretariat » instead of an « advisor ». 7. The Attorney General may delegate the functions, duties and powers conferred on him by this section to his subordinate attorneys, who may be exercised and respected under the conditions fixed. Home » Coverage » The Attorney General is constitutionally the Prime Minister`s legal adviser, but Oli appoints another (1) who, among other things, indicates the number of advice and opinions on constitutional and legal matters that he has given during the year and a brief description of these advice and opinions, the details of cases initiated as matters of state, Details of defence in judicial proceedings in which the Government of Nepal is the plaintiff or defendant, details of future reforms relating to State cases and information on crime developments. (5) The remuneration and other facilities of the Attorney General are similar to those of a judge of the Supreme Court. The Attorney General`s other terms and conditions of service are governed by law. As a constitutional lawyer, his litigation helped secure federalism in Nepal[6] in The Constitution of Nepal 2015. On 20 June 2015, the Supreme Court of Nepal issued an injunction against the implementation of a 16-point agreement[7] agreed by the four main parties – the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist and Nepali Democratic Forum – on 8 June 2015 to promulgate the constitution without federalism. Although Nepal`s 2015 constitution – the country`s first constitution drafted by elected representatives – has been called by many the best constitution in the world,[8][9] his talks[10][11] and writings[12] have repeatedly promoted the idea that the document is controversial[13] and should be amended. [14] In an interview with BBC media, translated and transcribed by Nepali Timesm, he wrote: « Halt constitution-dwriting` Advocate Dipendra Jha with Rabindra Mishra in BBC Nepali Service, 9 September. » [5] He has been involved in a number of public interest litigation (PIL) on various key issues such as citizenship, inclusion, federalism and constitutional issues in Nepal.