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Windshield Replacement Laws by State

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Events triggered by nature or sometimes referred to as « force majeure » can also cause damage to the windshield. However, many glass companies want people with damaged windshields to contact their repair shops before filing claims with insurance companies. Glass companies typically check coverage, file claims, do the necessary paperwork, and deal with insurance companies, but customers usually need to contact their insurance agents to confirm certain information. South Carolina (SC) – There is no windshield deductible for private cars if you have comprehensive insurance. [Source: South Carolina Department of Insurance FAQ; If you don`t have a full glass lid, it may be best to skip your insurance. As explained above, full deductibles often cost more than a windshield repair or replacement. If a car glass repair shop charges you less than your deductible, there`s no reason to make a claim. Oklahoma (OK) – Nothing unique about windshields. Insurers may require a special repair shop.

[Source: 365:15-3-8 (g)]. Insurers may use « spare parts » (non-mechanical sheet metal or plastic parts) if this is mentioned in the estimate. [Source: OS §15-955]. For some cases, such as vandalism, it is important that you check the windshield replacement coverage when you purchase the policy. Most states do not require insurance companies to offer full glass coverage when purchasing comprehensive insurance. However, two states do: Most comprehensive auto insurance policies include windshield replacement in their coverage, but they only replace it with replacement glass instead of OEM glass. In many cases, insurance companies repair windshields for free, meaning no deductible is applied to an overall claim. Louisiana (LA) – Nothing unique for windshields. Insurers may use non-OEM « spare parts » if they are mentioned in the estimate. [Source: RS 51 § 2424] The maximum deductible is $250. [Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance] Tennessee (TN) – Nothing unique for windshields. There do not seem to be any laws regarding the choice of repair shop or OEM parts versus replacement parts.

Alaska – Nothing unique for windshields. No information on OEM parts vs spare parts or choice of repair shops. For more information on country-specific laws, please visit our state-by-state information page. Here are some factors to consider so you can determine if your insurance company will cover your windshield replacement. For auto glass insurance coverage, you can rest assured that your windshield will be replaced free of charge with OEM glass. Unfortunately for the rest of America, these are the only two states that require insurance companies not to give their customers deductibles for glass repairs. However, several states offer drivers the option to purchase a full glass cover. The full glass cover is an optional addition to comprehensive insurance. If you live in a state where it`s available, full glass coverage saves you from having to pay a deductible if you need to make a claim for the glass. The easiest way to see what your plan covers is to check your policy online, where your coverage is listed. You can also talk to an insurance agent to find out exactly how much windshield coverage you have.

Accident and collision damage insurance can cover the cost of replacing your windshield, but it may require you to pay a deductible. Arkansas (AR) – Nothing unique about windshields. Insurers can use spare parts if they have a notice in their contract and the parts are « at least equal in terms of fit, quality, performance and warranty. » [Source: Arkansas Department of Insurance] Insurers cannot require the repair to be carried out in a specific repair shop. [Source: R&R 43 § 10 c] Many glass repair companies offer a cash incentive if you use your insurance to have your windshield replaced with them. Usually, car glass stores offer you money because they can repair and resell your damaged windshield later. If you take advantage of such an offer, Florida and your insurance won`t pay for it – the money comes exclusively from the repair shop. Again, depending on the actual insurance coverage and the cause of the damage, the insurance company may cover the cost of the windshield. Read on to find out what a full glass cover is and what states they offer.

Then, compare comprehensive auto insurance quotes with multiple companies to find the cheapest glass coverage. While only two states guarantee full glass coverage, some require insurance companies to offer glass coverage for a zero-dollar deductible. These states include: If the particular state in which you reside determines in its laws that you cannot be charged an entrance fee for damage to your windshield glass, your windshield will be replaced at no additional cost to you. There are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and spare parts. OEM parts are manufactured by your car`s original car manufacturer and are factory parts. Spare parts are parts manufactured by another manufacturer to replace an existing part. 36 states allow the use of spare parts for windshield replacement. Some States may authorize spare parts with special authorization or documentation. Check your state`s laws regarding OEM parts, as everyone has different requirements for them. In Rhode Island, for example, spare parts are only allowed if the car in question is less than 30 months old. New Hampshire, meanwhile, allows spare parts for drivers of cars less than two years old and no more than 30,000 miles.

Progressive windshield replacement and repair: Waiver of the deductible for repairs if the crack is less than six inches long. Missouri (MO) – Nothing unique for windshields. « Aftermarket parts » may be used if specified in the estimate, and parts are « at least equal in uniformity, type, and quality in fit, quality, and performance. » [Source: 20 CSR 100-1.050 2(D)2] Note: The insurer may designate a specific repair shop. [Source: 20 CSR 100-1.050 2(F)] Typically, insurance companies do not increase rates for small, complete claims like windshield repairs. Windshields and other glasses are easily damaged without fault on their part and are usually cheap. We have gathered information from various state-to-state sources on cracked windshields, windshield replacement, etc. and hope you find an answer to your question below.